Professional Services

One of the major professional service providers in Australia has been our client for years. We are their backbone in IT development needs, delivering new features and maintaining their existing applications. By engaging with us they immediately realized the difference in terms of reduction in cost by more than 60% above.

Apart from the financial aspect, other ways that we added value to the client is by

  • Allowing them to focus on their core business, while we delivered on IT front
  • We complimented their existing team with our expertise and collaborated work ethics
  • The team had access to various expertise and SMEs at YularaTech
  • Speed to market their ideas
  • Quality improvement
  • Also we conducted regular training and team meetings to engage and up skill the entire team
  • We have listed only a few here, there are many more..

Each project has a dedicated locally based lead assigned and the lead manages both the stakeholders and the team. The lead is in constant contact with the client and regularly connects with all stakeholders and keeps them updated on the project progress.


With a local lead in place, our client has been able to achieve great strides in terms of IT deliveries and thus customer satisfaction level never seen before. Being part of their journey in getting their IT deliverables on track and exceeding expectations has been the trait of YularaTech. It all started with having one offshore resource with the client and then growing on to have a full fledged mobile, web and back end developers as well as testers working offshore supporting the business like never before. It gave the client access to a market where they could mitigate the risk of resource crunch.


YularaTech has expertise in providing Collaboration Solutions that use workflow applications to empower business teams to work together. We have worked with big four consulting companies in setting up their collaboration system using SharePoint, enabling increased productivity and visibility for information workers across all verticals, in businesses large and small. And all this can run on your on-premise system or secured Cloud like Azure or AWS.

Features like security controls, co-authoring, versioning, and integration with Exchange give business users the capability to do more in less time and maintain the integrity of the work they produce. Collaboration System includes the ability to:

  • Require an approval on documents before they are visible
  • “Check out” documents to prevent any other authoring or editing on them
  • Get notifications when documents are uploaded or changes are made
  • Make workflows using if/then logic to automate actions such as moving or emailing documents, and recording information

Our expertise has also been associated with the biggest professional services providers in Oceanic as well as Middle East countries. With decades of experience, whether it is mobile, web, testing, collaboration tools or security consulting, our team can assist you in every aspect of your IT requirements.