Outsourcing is one of the major service YularaTech pioneers, we help our clients have a cost-effective resource model that helps them achieve their strategic business goals by having our professional, skilled resources. This can be a new skill set the client currently poses or it could be to add more resources to compliment an existing client team.


We have numerous talent pools, our clients have a choice to select from varied skill sets, experience, etc. All our resources are available in the Australia time zone, this works well as the client team can interact with our resources on the same time zone.


Clients have experienced cost savings by opting in an outsourced arrangement with us, in addition to the cost savings the client is relieved of all the admin / payroll-related activities of the resource, the client also has a provision to request for a replacement of the resource if needed. We manage all aspects of the resource and are in constant conversations of the client team on our resource performance.