Project Management

IT project management is the complex process of planning out an IT-related project from start-to-finish, including the organization, execution, budgeting, control, monitoring and final analysis of its performance. We do appreciate that these projects are being executed in order to bring about real, beneficial change to your business, as well as create added value to your organization. The management of IT projects often requires unique skills that a Project Manager has attained in his experience of leading different projects. YularaTech can boast of having highly talented Project Managers who can easily play this role for you. Our resources have expertise in leading technology projects in different industry domains.

JIRA and Confluence Administration

We have dedicated JIRA experts who are responsible for


  • Creating and organizing new projects on the JIRA platform, as well as configuring the layout, design, workflow, and dashboard.
  • Maintaining the complete Jira instance in an efficient way so that it can be able to integrate with other tools in Atlassian like Confluence etc..

CI/CD Pipeline management

We have made sure we adhere to CI/CD pipeline processes which saves time and ensures software quality during development. Pipelines are the top-level component of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.


Our typical pipeline stages include:


  • Build – The stage where the application is compiled.
  • Test – The stage where code is tested. Automation here can save both time and effort.
  • Release – The stage where the application is delivered to the repository.
  • Deploy – In this stage code is deployed to production.
  • Validation and compliance – The steps to validate a build are determined by the needs of your organization. Image security scanning tools, like Clair, can ensure the quality of images by comparing them to known vulnerabilities (CVEs).